… And I loved it! 

Fabulous city to visit, and very affordable.  I also went to Segovia and Avila while I was in Spain.  Such gorgeous places.

I would go back there again in a heartbeat!


… And Happy New Year!

I welcomed this little rascal into my life, and gave her a home for Christmas.  She was already named, and knew her name, so I didn’t change it.  Her name is Fruitcake.

My loving and faithful old friend, Buster (my dog), unfortunately has passed away. He was diagnosed with liver cancer, and within 5 days, his life came to an end.  I did the most humane thing, and had him properly euthanized, with some dignity, and to spare him anymore pain.
I loved this dude more than I can even say, and has been such positive force in my life, even when life hasn’t been so positive.  I have had many pets in my life, but none quite like Buster.
I now refer to him as “Buster the Blackstar”, because he (like David Bowie), died from the same disease, and in the same year.  2016 has been such a sorrowful year.

Rest in peace, Buster.  2003-2016.


My surgery had no complications, so now I am currently recovering.

I am in the midst of intense post-op physical therapy.

I still have nerve damage in my foot/calf, but most of the severe sciatic pain I was dealing with, has diminished greatly.