My background in photography focuses on live performance/event photography, landscapes, animals, cultural scenes, and architecture.

I license work through Getty Images/IStock as well as Shutterstock (click links for licensed works)  for those interested in using any of my available work for Editorial or Commercial usage.

The section below is live or event photography only.

Most of the archive consists of live performances, but there are a few other archives that are documented events.

Please note: This section used to be hosted by Flickr, but due to not just errors, but hacking, I have decided not to host the live archive there any longer.  I had it hosted there for over ten years, so it was pretty hefty in quantity.  I decided to host here directly, but with that comes having to rebuild the archive, as well as essential culling (and checking for web compliance).  Below what you will be seeing, is a work-in-progress.  Rebuilding this archive takes time, but there is already a large amount of it done.  It will be updated when time permits.

Gito Gito Hustler, 3/10/06, Cleveland Ohio, Beachland Tavern